Creative Coaching and Therapy in English

I provide creative coaching psychotherapeutic services to adults and couples. My goal is to provide you with the best therapeutic fit to serve your individual problems and concerns.

I have a variety of theoretical backgrounds and areas of expertise, including Culture shock, Burn out, Depression, Anxiety, Body image issues, Disordered eating, and Relationship issues and concerns.

Concomitant Therapy for Addiction (Drug,  Pornography)

Supportive sessions for partners or relatives of those suffering with psychological disorders. This will help you in dealing with the situation and your feelings, as you gain more insight into the disorder and learn coping techniques.



Client - centered Counseling

Gestalt Therapy

Trauma Therapy


Creative techniques

Conversational Therapy

Art Therapy

stress prevention, autogenous training,

Relaxation training

Transpersonal counselling


Positive Psychology Coaching for individuals and teams

I am unable to accept German Public Insurance.

Students: 70€ /90 Min.


75€ /60 Min. 

Session of 90 Min. 110 € (I usually work in sessions)

Couple 90 Min. 150 €

Weekends: 85 €/60Min., the second hour 75€/60Min.

Walk and Talk Therapy: 75€ per hour, 4 hours 250€